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Chinese Massage – Inner Health
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Chinese Massage

Chinese massage has become really popular in western countries and used for several medical purposes for centuries. This massage procedure has managed to become even more popular across the globe due to its amazing health benefits. In order to perform this type of massage, our massage therapists used a wide range of finger and hand techniques. 

During this time they target to manipulate those soft tissues present in human body. In order to redirect the flow of energy or known as Qi, they also use acupressure. This technique is also applied for the skeletal manipulation in order to realign muscles and bones and to offer human body maximum realignment.

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Inner Health Clinic, we treat our patients with tailored evidence based treatment regiments.

Treating injuries in soft tissues:

Therapeutic Chinese massage is the technique that involves manipulating the soft tissues and to relieve the stiffness as well as pain that can generate once these soft tissues come across injuries. This can happen due to back pain, frozen shoulder and sciatica.

Treating chronic stiffness:

People may loss their body’s mobility due to chronic stiffness and they can also come across this stage due to pain in their joints and muscles. This is where Chinese massage can come into act for treating scar tissues and to enhance the mobility for a person.

Circulatory issues:

The prime advantage of Chinese massage is to redirect the flow of energy which is known as Qi and this is what people need to get circulatory health. Our massage therapists can perform different types of hand motions in order to manipulate the pressure points. In this way, they also try to re-energize and to stimulate a person’s circulatory system.

For emotional health:

Chinese massage is considered as the best therapy to gain quality emotional health. It can offer you a great amount of relaxation while relieving tension, stress and elevating overall well-being.