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Remedial Massage – Inner Health
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Remedial Massage

When it’s all about holistic treatment, the term remedial massage comes first. This type of massage works for a person’s whole body and can enhance the level of overall health, though it is applied for a particular body part. Our remedial massage therapists are the best ones in this business. They are equipped with a vast knowledge about anatomy, related pathology, physiology, and the Swedish massage methods like cold & heat therapies and kinaesthetics.

The remedial massage is always considered as the best holistic alternative therapy or treatment that can be implemented for injuries with soft tissues, stiff ligaments or muscles, sport injuries and joint problems in order to offer the client maximum relaxation.

Remedial massage can also be used to heal different muscles, ligament problems, tendons, lower back pain, tight shoulder, arthritis, headache, muscular sprains, tennis elbow, and fatigue. This is also applicable to heal chronic body pain

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Inner Health Clinic, we treat our patients with tailored evidence based treatment regiments.

As far as the benefit of remedial massage is concerned, it includes enhancing the blood circulation in body, successful removal of body waste and toxins, relaxing and toning the muscles, enhancing muscle functions, offering maximum mobility and separating tethering and fascia binding to increase body comfort.

 Remedial massage can also be implemented to offer maximum relaxation for your peripheral-nervous system and this ultimately eliminates the pain as well as discomfort. This type of massage also improves overall cell health while repairing the tissues.

If you will look for the past few decades, then you can find that remedial massage has become really very popular. Most of the clients coming to us ask to perform remedial massage for them. They actually want to go for the best holistic treatment. 

So, we have this option for them which is all set to offer maximum amount of relaxation. Remedial massage can also be used to re-align and to re-educate the body. After such massage, most of our clients use to mention that they feel more aware about their body and bodily postures.